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Gender Stereotypes in Disney Films

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Start Date01.01.2012
End Date06.01.2012
Funding SourceUndergraduate Research Grant
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Last Updated2013-01-30 17:15:53
KeywordsGender, disney, stereotypes


  Nelta Edwards

Student Researchers
  Jordan Love


Do Disney films use gender stereotypes? If so, what role has the second-wave feminist movement had on gender stereotypes in Disney films? These questions are important, as children look to images in popular culture to understand who they are in the world. In order to answer these questions I will use content analysis to analyze feature length animated Disney films to identify and describe gender stereotypes. I expect to find that Disney films contain gender stereotypes and these stereotypes will be more prevalent before the critiques of second-wave feminism took hold in the culture. If my hypothesis is correct, further research should be conducted to determine if and how the third wave feminism may have affected the amount and type of gender stereotypes in Disney films.

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