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I am the Same Kid as Yesterday; Youth Homelessness and Sexual Orientation

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Start Date12.01.2011
End Date06.01.2012
Funding SourceDiscovery Grant, Undergraduate Research Grant
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Last Updated2013-01-30 17:16:15
Keywordshomelessness, sexual orientation


  Nelta Edwards

Student Researchers
  Kent Spiers


Research suggests a correlation between homelessness and sexual orientation among youth. What factors lead to the overrepresentation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered (LGBT) youth among the general population of homeless youth? The core problem for youth who are forced out of their home is that they cannot financially support themselves and have an increased chance of becoming homeless. Homelessness may encourage youth to engage ¡n dangerous behaviors. Past research has taken quantitative data from surveys but this sort of research does not provide accounts of people’s experiences. By conducting personal interviews this project will gain a greater understanding of people’s personal stories of becoming homeless as well as identify where they went to seek assistance.

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